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To provide safe pasteurized donor human milk to fragile babies

in need across Vermont and northern New York.


The Vermont Donor Milk Center is a nonprofit organization that provides pasteurized donor human milk to babies in need across Vermont and northern New York.  We’re honored to partner with milk banks that are certified by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). We buy milk from HMBANA-certified milk banks and send our donated milk to them for processing. 

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The journey to bringing our son into the world was a little more challenging than expected. I had to deliver via c-section and due to some complications, I lost a significant amount of blood requiring a few transfusions. We had always planned on breastfeeding, but my body was unable to produce milk while in the hospital. We were given the option to use donor milk or formula to supplement while in the hospital, and chose to take advantage of the donor breast milk. Upon discharge, we still needed to supplement, and our treatment team let us know about the Vermont Donor Milk Center. I was not ready to lose hope on breastfeeding my child, and wanted to give my body some more time to produce milk. However, we wanted to make sure our son was getting enough food to grow and thrive, and ideally wanted to give him breastmilk. The Vermont Donor Milk Center gave us this opportunity! The process was so easy, and the staff were immediately available and supportive. After leaving the hospital we were able to pick up donor milk immediately. Our transition to home was a little easier knowing we had breastmilk to feed our baby, and as a new mom, I was thankful for the extra time to work on breastfeeding on my own.

New Mom, Jacqueline Fries

Find us and other local lactation resources here.

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