COVID-19 Updates:

The Vermont Donor Milk Center is open!  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are only open by appointment.  Please call as early as possible to schedule a time for your family, as we are only allowing one family at a time in the milk center, and will need to schedule time between families to clean our high-touch surfaces.  Call or text: (802) 276-0030 to schedule an appointment.

Vermont Donor Milk Center, Inc. (VDMC) offers safe pasteurized donor human breast milk to fragile babies in need across Vermont and northern New York.


Be part of this monumental service for local families and babies by making a financial contribution. Together we can provide lifesaving nutrition to our most vulnerable Vermonters and support for families on their breastfeeding journey.


Need Breast Milk?

Donor milk can be used as a bridge until the parents' own milk comes in, or longer as needed. Contact your pediatrician for a prescription or get more information here.

Become a Donor

Learn more about the screening process to become an approved breast milk donor. We can help facilitate your donation through the Mother's Milk Bank Northeast.


From a New Mom:

"My milk was slow to come in so we supplemented with donor milk when my daughter was born. I was devastated to learn it wasn’t available once we were discharged from the hospital. I wish a place like VDMC had existed when starting my breastfeeding journey."