"The journey to bringing our son into the world was a little more challenging than expected. I had to deliver via c-section and due to some complications, I lost a significant amount of blood requiring a few transfusions. We had always planned on breastfeeding, but my body was unable to produce milk while in the hospital. The combination of an induction, c-section, and blood loss were a  few reasons to explain why my milk was not coming in. We were given the option to use donor milk or formula to supplement while in the hospital, and chose to take advantage of the donor breast milk. Upon discharge, we still needed to supplement, and our treatment team let us know about the Vermont Donor Milk Center. I was not ready to lose hope on breastfeeding my child, and wanted to give my body some more time to produce milk. However, we wanted to make sure our son was getting enough food to grow and thrive, and ideally wanted to give him breastmilk. The Vermont Donor Milk Center gave us this opportunity! The process was so easy, and the staff were immediately available and supportive. After leaving the hospital we were able to pick up donor milk immediately. Our transition to home was a little easier knowing we had breastmilk to feed our baby, and as a new mom, I was thankful for the extra time to work on breastfeeding on my own."

 -New mom, Jacqueline Fries

"I had complications after birth that prevented my milk from coming in and then later impacted my supply to be very low.  My baby was crying at every feed, and within a week our pediatrician told us we had to supplement for our baby’s health.  I was really sad and scared at the prospect of formula feeding when my newborn was not even a month old, and desperately wanted him to have breast milk, knowing this was the best nutrition for him.  I feel so fortunate that donor milk was available for our baby.  He was not only getting enough to eat, but he also tolerated the donor milk better than formula.  It was such a relief for me – my baby was being fed and the pressure on me to constantly pump was greatly reduced!  The phrase “it takes a village,” has really taken on new meaning for me and my family.  I am forever grateful to all the donor moms out there – you are literally giving life to families like mine."  

-New mom, L.S.

"The donor center is amazing! I highly recommend for nursing mamas in need of donor milk and or lactation support. They fit me in very quickly, we had a great appointment and I was given a lot of good information and a plan was made. The donor milk plan I made was affordable per sliding fee which was a huge concern of mine leading up to the appointment. five stars and two thumbs up - these ladies are awesome." 

-New mom, Olivia Blais